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About The Ark Angel

We are a meeting chapter in the Austin/Round Rock Texas area, but also have members from other parts of Texas (DFW and San Marcos). Because of the locations of our members, we some times will have functions outside of the area.

WHAT WE DO: Our “meetings” range from actual meetings of a business type to anything from watching movies at one of the Crew's houses, camping trips, laser tag outings, bowling, LAN parties, role-playing games, or just sitting around a table playing games of all types. Can you tell we like to play games? Even when we camp, we try to play some type of game.

R3 EVENTS: Because the Regional Coordinator and the Vice Regional Coordinator are on our chapter, we are very involved in Region 3 events, Summits, and parties, and also attend the STARFLEET International Conference each year.

If any of this sounds fun to you, please Contact Us for more information and how to join our games.